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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> part one was a little slow. >> i don't plan on seeing any of them. we are glad you have included us in your plans to watch 9news at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. >> we're just going to keep going. >> whatever. i'm mike hydeck. good morning. glad you're with us. it's tuesday. good morning, monika samtani. how are you? hope you're well. mr. howard bernstein, take it away. we have wet weather out there that could slow your commute and it's not warm anymore. temperatures will not be in the 60s and 70s. we'll lucky to get back to 52 this afternoon. we'll see sunshine returning later this morning, especially into the afternoon with a high of 52. but with the breeze, it's going to feel like it's in the 40s. at 5:00 we'll be back to about 49 degrees. the back edge of the rain getting close to interstate 81 up for. you'll notice south -- 81 now. you'll notice south of us we're starting to see the heavier showers. even just north of us coming up
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95 and the beltway, the north side of town along with 295 and route 1 but south of us as you get into fauquier county, things starting to break up some. you get north, that's where we still have the heavier showers. temperatures certainly a lot colder than they were. down to 48 in annapolis. 40 in leesburg and hagerstown and 39 in cumberland. windchills in pane areas in the 30s. -- many areas in the 30s. bundle up. sun glass needed later. -- sunglasses needed later. the problems are beginning. if you're planning to head around town right now, you've got some problems on metro bus potentially. there's a water main break at 11th and euclid street northwest and potentially causing delays. there's also a mechanical problem on marc train 874. that's west of dufffield so be aware of potential delays because of that again. marc train 874. let's take a live look outside. if you're planning to head inbound on the 14th street bridge on to the eastbound
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freeway, watch out for the accident in the center lane. it's after the 3rd street tunnel. back to the maps this time to the north side of town. no issues on 270, 95, 29 heading for the beltway. let's go over to a live look at 270 which is slow route 109 to 121. an accident route 355 at old georgetown road. i'll be back with more coming up at 6:11. unfolding overnight, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is now being linked to the whole david petraeus sex scandal. authorities are looking into some alleged inappropriate messages between general john allen and a woman named jill kelley. she's the woman who reported receiving threatening e-mails from paula broadwell. she's the woman who had an affair with petraeus and she thought this other woman us a a sexual romantic rival. we don't know how this is all shaking out but allen is the commander of nature tow's national security -- nato's national security assistance force. he denies doing anything wrong.
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the d.c. fire chief ken ellerbee made news when he disclosed plans to shuffle its resources meaning fewer ambulances will be in service overnight. >> 9news reporter pretti arla is live at the d.c. headquarters. this is just one of the issues they're trying to tackle. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike and andrea. the issues aren't just on land but also water. the rescue fleet just isn't what it used to be. this is the john glenn. it is the biggest boat in that fleet and is still used to patrol but given all the potential threats to homeland security, there are questions about how effective the boat could be. that's because it's out there on the water but its communication system is broken and the radio can't even transmit a distress call. and the documentation has also expired. >> part of the communication system doesn't work. they're using an older -- a much older system to communicate with one another. it appears the certification
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for the boat that should have been applied for back in august, the date was missed. >> reporter: so now the question is whether to apply for grants or repair the boat t. could cost as much as $700,000. the other option is to lobby capitol hill to see if they can get some money to potentially get a state of the art boat. those are the two options. we'll have to see which direction they take. coming up at 6:30, we talked about how there are potential cuts in other areas, essentially cutting down the number of medic units in the overnight hours here in d.c. that would be right around this time of the day. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:30. mike and andrea, back to you. >> thank you. closing arguments are expected today in the preliminary hearing for staff sergeant robert bales. bales is the soldier charged with killing seven adults and nine children, all of them civilians in afghanistan last march. over the weekend several wounded children testified at bales hearing via a video link from afghanistan to a military
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base in washington state where bales is in custody. after today's closing arguments, the military will decide whether to move forward with a full blown court marshal. a conviction could lead to the death penalty. such a sad story out of toledo, ohio. a possible murder-suicide involving five relatives. they're trying to investigate why this happened. three small children, an uncle and grandmother all found dead inside a garage. a call from a concerned relative led police to the house and investigators think at this point the victims might have died from carbon monoxide poisoning because they were inside that closed garage and they don't believe this was an accident. the man known as the voice of elmo is now ennying claims that he -- now denying claims that he had an inappropriate relationship with an underage boy. sesame workshop has found allegations against kevin clash unsubstantiated n. june they heard from a 23-year-old man who claimed whether he was just 16 years old he had a relationship with the 45-year-
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old puppeteer. clash insists the allegations are false. "sesame street"'s investigation into the claims found no instances of wrongdoing but did suspend clash for exercising poor judgment and violating company policy. at 6:06, we want to go to jessica doyle. she's watching your money. >> maybe. >> mbe. and she continues to watch the upcoming fiscal cliff that could have huge consequences for all of us. jess, where are you? >> thas, andrea. i'm right here. congress is back today for its lame-duck session and the pressure is on to stop a potential recession next year. the way things are right now on january 2, a $600 billion package of austerity measures kick in to cut the deficit, including a series of tax hikes and spending cuts that could cripple the local and national economy. so congress has just 16 scheduled working days to stop that from happening. what will the likely solution
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be? probably putting off a fix. instead of trying to wrangle a compromise, congress will likely pursue one of several options. a public policy and lobbying law firm, a big time washington institution released a 124-page paper. it predicts what will happen in the next 50 some odd days. a plan getting a lot of attention. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have floated a short- term downpayment. this would cut $20 billion to $75 billion right now and delay the bigger picture $600 billion goal for three to six months, maybe as long as a year. the power brokers in these talks could very well become the gang of eight. this is a bipartisan group of senators. they have actually worked together in the past to hammer out deals. among them is virginia senator mark warner. he will be one to watch over the next two weeks. the president and a group of bipartisan congressional leaders will hold their first fiscal cliff meeting on friday. republicans and democrats took to the sunday talk shows with
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their agendas. both sides did indicate there could be a growing bipartisan consensus, a solution that could include a combination of spending cuts and tax revenue increases. we're going to continue to watch the fiscal cliff for you. i'll send it back to you guys. one of the most important hindu festivals begins today. >> you want to stay with us for some food, music and as you can see dancing. we celebrate the festival of lights when we come back.
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howard here with weather first. you'll need jackets and rain gear early for the showers we're having through the morning commute. by midday sun starts to break out. partly sunny, breezy this afternoon. high temperature about 52. by 5:00 still partly cloudy and 49. on the northbound side of 395 here on our traffic camera at the 14th street bridge, you've got delays now forming as you head for the eastbound freeway. that's because of an accident after the 3rd street tunnel. it's in the center of the roadway causing this delay so keep us in mind for your travel plans. i'll be back with more coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys.
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today is diwali. it's known as the festival of lights and celebrates the new year. it's a great occasion and everyone all over the world is interested in what it's like to celebrate diwali with decoration and food and dance and today to talk about this special occasion, very with me dr. jay varma, the owner of bombay restaurant and also happens to be my brother. welcome. >> good to be here. thanks for having me. >> one of the things that i love the most about diwali is the fact that everyone wishes each other -- we call each other all over the world. it's tie yum of good over -- it's triumph of good over evil. it's a good feeling. what do you remember the most about growing up and what do you like about the tradition? >> it pretty much tends to be a big party. >> i'm still recovering from your party on saturday night, yeah. >> what party?
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yeah. we love to celebrate with friends and family most importantly. a lot of color and lights. it's a celebration of light and of course a lot of food. >> you brought some food for us. you're the co-owner of bombay restaurant in tysons. tell us what you brought for us here. >> when i'm not in the hospital, i'm actually cooking in the kitchen. >> really, did you make all this this morning, jay? >> i have not slept yet. we have a spinach dish with cheese. to the left of that, we have some rice, independent jap staple of course. -- indian staple of course. >> this is mike's favorite by the way. >> indian egg rolls we call them. and of course our famous butter chicken which we have to have. >> kevin, our photographer is getting a close-up. mike is coming over here and grabbing this as we speak. one gone. a few more to go. tell us what goes in the butter chicken sauce.
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i think a lot of people when they think about indian food they think it's so spicy. yes, there are spices involved but it doesn't have to be ridiculously spicy. >> it doesn't have to be hot. butter chicken of course butter and chicken. it's a lot of cream and chicken in a tomato based sauce. it can be as spicy as you want. you can take a variety of spices. >> you have cumin here, cayenne pepper, salt of course. >> red pepper. >> he's a chef and a doctor. >> you just dollop it in there. if you want to hate people or like people, you want to make some enemies you put a lot of hot sauce. >> notice no ring on the finger, ladies. es a' chef and a dock -- he's a chef and a doctor. oh, yeah, i said it. one of any favorite traditions is all the decoration. it's the festival of lights. this a lot of people put at the end of their homes and light these oil lamps.
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another thing for me is the color and dressing up. i'm wearing a local designer's antique jewelry. jewels of india. that part of it i love as well. so it's about family. it's about friends. it's a festival of lights and i thank you for being here today. >> thank you for having me. >> this is going to be our breakfast for channel 9 this morning. >> let's t. >> dr. jay varma, thank you so much. happy diwali, everybody. >> spinach, that's my thing. i love the spinach and butter chicken. howard, you get to it so we can go get some. the bus stop forecast, bundle up. you might want something hot physically and also maybe a little spicy. temperatures this morning are down in the 40s. windchills in the 30s. we've got plenty of showers still out there for the next few hours but the showers will pull away here a little later this morning. sunshine returns also, especially this afternoon. we'll make a return toward the low 50s. breaking down the day planner,
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9:00 a.m. still some showers around. 45. but they're going to are more sporadic than they are now. 49 at noon. we'll see sun west, clouds east. we'll sort of be in the middle here in d.c. by 3:00 i think mostly sunny and 50 degrees with a high of 52 today. northwesterly winds will be in the 10 to 20 range. could gust 25, even higher than that the next hour or two. we have the front that went through. behind it the rains are persisting out to about interstate 81. north of town, this is where we're seeing the heavier stuff in pennsylvania, baltimore, caroll counties, up toward frederick you see some of the heavier showers coming down 270 or if you're traveling on 70 from frederick toward mt. airy or new market you'll run into that. same story in northern loudoun county up to point of rocks. parts of the eastern-west virginia panhandle on the border with virginia. you get back to i-81 notice we have things just breaking up. becoming more sporadic. that will be the case the next few hours. in southern maryland just some lighter showers here, spottier
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showers than what we're dealing with north and west but we're all dealing with a chill. this is change big time. the temps now some 25, 30 degrees colder than yesterday's highs. 43 in rockville. down to 41, those are the cold spots ashburn and leesburg and vienna in fairfax county and springfield 44. outside on our michael & son weather camera, a little bit of reduced visibility. you can see it in the light right here. you see that shining on the flag? temperature at national down to 45 with light rain and drizzle but the winds north at 20 making it feel like 37 and gusting even higher than that. so we'll take the rain. we'll push it east, stopping the clock at noon. you'll notice a few lingering showers by the northern neck. the clouds are breaking away and pulling off toward the east. we're going to have sunshine to finish out your day. here's your forecast. 52 today, breezy. tonight 35 but 20s in the suburbs. chilly tomorrow but sunny and 50 and thursday 51. we head toward the weekend in
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decent shape but cool friday and saturday. if a coastal storm gets going, sunday and morning will be wet -- sunday and monday will be wet and raw with temperatures in the 40s. yes, we do have a lot of volume right now forming on the major thoroughfares heading for the beltway and also a couple of issues you want to know about due to water main break at 11th and euclid. metro saying you could experience potential delays on buses there. marc train 874 is 20 minutes late. let's go over to a live picture right now and show what you it looks like first on the northbound side of 395. delays forming quickly trying to get on to the eastbound freeway where there's an accident after the 3rd street tunnel right smack in the center of the roadway. let's go back over to our maps and this time to the north side of town heading south on i-270. pretty heavy from route 85 off and on to 121 before the pace improves. a quick live look outside where again you've got a lot of slow traffic on the wet roads. i'll be back with more traffic and we'll also have news and weather coming up in a few
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minutes. you're watching 9news now. felennnc ]ov intewon tt eir bo whewi per ateas keki oercastp isap, age w rs eyane yr in ohy sh felennnc ] ves ffen s w eahrghorla ans erhi. nedo. iss re e te tng wr theaif ts. aufuunras. we wh gaop yo ts,nda--vm ps
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welcome back. 6:22. your weather first. the heavier stuff has pulled north of town. spotty showers and drizzle for a few more hours and improving conditions for this afternoon. get ready again for a wet start with temperatures down in the mid-40s right now. windchills are down in the mid- 30s. we'll see more sunshine this afternoon. still a breezy and chilly day, especially compared to the last few with a high around 52 and a drive home temperature of 49. good morning, everybody. bryce harper burst into the major league baseball scene this season adding another level of excitement for what became a very memorable year for the nationals. it was no surprise he was nominated for national league rookie of the year.
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but he had some stiff competition for the award. this year's race was extremely close but bryce harper won out. last night it was announced he beat arizona pitcher wade miley about a very narrow seven points become the first national to get the award since the franchise came to d.c. harper said he's proud of the honor but he's got plenty more to prove. >> i'm never satisfied with any of my numbers. i think, you know, my biggest goal is winning a world series. this is amazing to win this award and to have this accolade but i want to bring a title back to d.c. that's our main goal as a team, as an organization. >> former washington capital and now their new head coach adam oates was inducted into the hockey hall of fame last night. he's known mostly for his unselfish play. oates went from being an undrafted player to one of the elite setup men lanking sixth on the all time assist list. oates used last night's acceptance speech to thank his
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biggest supporters. >> the maryland terrapins were at home last night coming off their close loss to kentucky. eight points for wells. early in the 2nd, the penetration. later howard with a nice dish for two. terps win big 67-45. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great tuesday. coming up more on the story we first brought you yesterday. >> it's about cuts to the d.c. fire department. will they be shuffling overnight medic units and what could mean for you. here's monika. >> if you're planning to head here on the northbound side of 395, this seems to be getting worse by the minute because of an accident on the southeast- southwest freeway at south capitol street. more details on that coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now.
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stay with us.
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welcome back. if you're just waking up, 6:29. this is the place where you can always get your weather first. a live look now at the jefferson memorial. still pretty dark out there. 45 degrees. a little chilly. a little damp. you're going to need probably an extra sweater because it's kind of raw out there. >> we're happy you're starting your day with us.
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. good morning. howard is on the weather terrace. good morning. >> it's kind of raw out here. when you have the cold and dampness, it cuts right through you. some light rain and drizzle here in the district. other areas are seeing moderate showers, especially north and west of town this morning. it's all going to come to an end in a few hours and we will get sunnier by the middle of the day and into the afternoon. we're starting out kind of cloudy and raw and damp with the showers around. by lunch time west of town will be sunny. east of town cloudy. we'll be somewhere in the middle of that. then this afternoon partly to mostly sunny. still a little bit breezy with a high of 52 and drive home temp of 49 degrees. sunrise in about 20 minutes but we're just not going to see much of it thanks to the rain and the clouds that we v. although the rain has now pulled -- the back edge anyway -- east of interstate 810 so it's making -- 81 so it's making some progress. howard county we're 27.
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when you head up toward the south or down toward the south, you see more breaks starting to show up. give it a few showers. unfortunately a wet commute. wind chills in the 30s. let's check in with monika now. timesaver traffic. wet commute started final but going downhill. -- fine but it's going downhill. it's going downhill quickly. roads are wet. volumes are heavy. we have an accident on the inbound side of i-66 at route 234. it's on the shoulder but look at all the red getting through that area. that means you're going to have to give yourself extra time on the inbound side of 66 heading for manassas and then again it starts again route 50 to 123. also a couple of issues on metro where you've got a water main break at 11th and euclid street northwest. could affect the buses there. marc train 847 is 20 minutes late out of harpers ferry. let's take a live look outside on the northbound side of 395. i've been telling but that accident on the eastbound
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freeway at south capitol street. look at that delay. i would say at least at the pentagon heading north on 395. i'll be back with more at 6:43. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. we're less than 30 minutes away from cbs this morning. they are talking about the latest on the petraeus fallout. norah o'donnell is in new york. good morning. this is like a bad soap opera. >> it is. we keep learning more and more details. good morning, mike and and dray ya. this big -- and andrea. this big story is still unfolding. we're now learning the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is now under investigation for inappropriate communication with a woman that was involved in the petraeus sex scandal. while we've been working our sources since it broke overnight and ahead what we're learning about the thousands -- that's right, thousands of e- mails. we have a closer look at the woman involved jill kelley when we see you right at 7:00. >> we'll be watching. thank you. the john glenn, the d.c. fire department's main boat for large-scale emergencies is in desperate need of repairs.
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>> it's 50 years old and the rescue boat has a costly restoration coming possibly. it could cost around $1 million. that's just one of the cuts facing the department. >> 9news reporter preeti arl has more on the cuts to the emergency medical services. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fire chief will propose today cutting down the number of medic units working during the overnight hours. and there are a lot of questions associated with this potential move. could it result in longer wait times. could it affect your ability to have access to the critical equipment that they use in these ambulances. medic units have pair metdics in -- paramedics in them. paramedics have a higher level of training than emts. the fire chief kenneth ellerbee wants to move ambulances moved from the overnight hours and work during the day. we're talking about the time frame from around 1:00 a.m. till about 7:00 a.m.
6:33 am
the rationale behind this, there are twice as many calls during the day as opposed to the overnight hours. the chief says residents shouldn't be worried about it having an impact on their safety. >> you will have access to the top of the line equipment and there's no anticipation you'll have any extended wait time. expect the wait time to be pretty much the same. we have approximately ten calls per hour during that time. >> reporter: the chief says that he will take his ideas to the stakeholders involved in this. that's the community, the union leaders and also to the city council. he will need city council approval before this moves forward. andrea and mike, back to you. >> thank you. maryland state police have arrested a florida truck driver involving a deadly crash in frederick county. 34-year-old watson pierre is charged with two counts of criminally negligent homicide. his tractor-trailer was speeding through a 30 mile per hour zone when it hit a pickup truck on route 75 near new market. two men inside the pickup were
6:34 am
killed at the scene. pierre is in jail and is waiting his first court appearance. former d.c. council chair kwame brown is to be sentenced today. it's unclear whether he will have to serve any time behind bars. in june brown pleaded guilty to federal court lying on loan applications and in d.c. superior court he admitted to misdemeanor campaign vie layings. prosecutor -- violations. prosecutors are only asking brown to spend six days in jail on bank fraud but brown's lawyer says he's suffered enough and shouldn't serve any jail time. today police causing the man the east coast rapist is expected to plead guilty in a court room. aaron thomas is accused of attacking more than a hundred women from virginia to
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connecticut. it is coming up on 6:35. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> she's talking about -- i would say a surprise regarding some new wheels. >> that's right. this is a huge surprise for a lot of folks. motor friend is out with its car of the year. and it's one very few of us would ever be able to afford. they picked model f -- the tesla model s ranges in price up to $100,000. the plug-in luxury model s topped the list of contenders. motor trend says it's the first time in memory that every single judge agreed the tesla is the car of the year t. can
6:36 am
go 265 -- year. it can go 265 miles on a single charge. if they're giving them away, i'll take one. in the first 24 hours of the release of a new game, sales have racked up to more than $220 million around the world. think. it this way. last tuesday' opening beat the record for the biggest one-time opening in u.s. box office history. so at the movies harry potter and the deathly hollows part two -- [indiscernible] did has some new competition. hard-core gamers lined up last night to be among the first to get their hot little hands on call of duty black ops ii. it went on sale last night. some customers were able to try out the game in the store [ inaudible ] as many as one in four gamers plan to call out sick today so they can stay home and play with their new video game. >> come on. >> they'll be driving to buy
6:37 am
the game in their new tesla. >> that is so wild that that car is car of the year. >> i have a friend who bought one when it first came out. he said he bought it simply to pick up chicks. he's completely honest about it. >> does it work? >> unbelievable. thanks, jess. you want to stay with 9news as we continue our celebration of diwali. >> the five-day festival of lights begins right here. when we return, these dancers are going to show us some moves. we're still having a great time. stay with us.
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it's 6:41. 45 degrees. boy, when you look at this, you see all that red and all the icons behind me. that means there's a lot going on. on the northbound side of 95, you've got the slow traffic from at least woodbridge or at
6:42 am
least north of dale city across the occoquan as you head for lorton and newington. in springfield it seems to be okay. let's take a live look outside. if you're planning to head here on the beltway, same story. outer loop delays from at least 95 now heading past here at new hampshire avenue as you head for silver spring. then the pace improves heading for 270 where on the inner loop of the beltway near old georgetown road we're also getting word of the accident activity causing some slow traffic. let's go back over to our maps this time over to southbound 270. that stretch begins in frederick. look at that all the way down toward route 109, 121. i would say 16 miles an hour maybe heading southbound along that stretch. then once you're in germantown, it just slows down a little bit as you head for the point where the lanes divide. let's take another look outside. northbound 395, the issue was an accident on the eastbound side of the southeast-southwest freeway at south capital street. the accident was moved to the right side of the roadway but the pace is bad from the
6:43 am
pentagon up to the 14th street bridge. let's take a look at our camera and look at the slow traffic in springfield. the beltway looks all right through annandale. no problems at the wilson bridge. inbound 66 at route 234, an accident was moved to the shoulder a while ago but lots of slow stuff coming right through manassas by the earlier accident. i'll be back with more at 6:58. back to you guys. hehoward bernstein is here. you had everything on. the gloves, the umbrella, the big coat. >> if you don't like when it's cold or damp, you're not going to be happy. >> this is winter in louisiana. >> exactly. >> it goes right to the bone. >> very humid outside. we still have showers and drizzle around, high humidity. we'll get rid of the rain the next few hours. then in the afternoon, maybe even late this morning, especially west, reports of
6:44 am
partly cloudy skies in cross junction near 81. here's a look the at bus stop forecast. it's still kind of raw out there with temperatures which are down into the 40s. windchills in the 30s. we've got numerous showers and areas of drizzle. sunrise coming up in a few minutes. don't plan on seeing it. look at this on the day planner. it's just dreary looking outside. wet streets, reduced visibilities, some light rain and drizzle now. by noon some areas will be decently sunny. we'll be somewhere in between with a temperature near 49. northwest winds at 12. still gusts to around 20. then at 5:00 partly cloudy, temperatures again in the upper 40s after hitting 52. here's a look at back edge of the rain over toward interstate 81. showers scattered about south of town. heavier rains north and northwest of town this morning from western fairfax through montgomery county, up into areas of caroll county, south of westminster but north of mount airy.
6:45 am
frederick on the eastern side of the county seeing more moderate showers. things begin to break up as you go up 70. back in loudoun county gean in fairfax, ashburn, chantilly seeing some of the more had rat showers -- more moderate showers. showery back to the south and west. again southern maryland you've seen a lot less than the rest of us. 49 now at the pax river naval air station. 40 in hagerstown. it's 45 in culpeper. gaithersburg 41. but windchills are running in the mid- to upper 30s in many areas with the dampness. outside on our michael & son weather camera, you see just the dreary looking start to the day with a temperature of 45 and currently a north wind at again, gusting close to 30 although the breezes will come down a little bit as the day wears on. so the forecast today about 52 or so with some sun this afternoon. yellow alert for the morning showers which will slow your commute. 35 tonight in town. 20s in the suburbs. 50 tomorrow. 51 thursday. friday and saturday not bad,
6:46 am
temperature about 54. then our coastal storm may develop. that could keep us in the 40s and damp sunday and monday. it's 6:46. monika, back to you. >> we're having some fun at our station. we're celebrating diwali, the india festival of lights. any time indians get together, there's three things involved. there's food which we have this morning, music and dancing. providing entertainment for our morning show today are our dancers. welcome, guys. we've been watching you a little bit this morning. it's a high energy dance, isn't it? >> yes. diwaliwood is the hallmark of these films and the musical numbers. they range from the super high energy to the pretty and graceful. we do hip hop, jazz. >> you teach classes. >> we do. we teach fitness classes all over d.c. and virginia. it's a lot of fun.
6:47 am
you get a great workout. >> here at the station we joke that change the light bulb, raise the roof. is that right? or maybe you can show us how it's done. take it away. ♪
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great job. terrific job. time to answer the question of the day. what women say was their worst fashion purchase ever. a, animal print shirts, b, leather pants, c, leggings. >> if you answered today's
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question of the day correctly on our facebook page, you can enter -- the answer is b, by the way. anyway, you can win tickets to "les miserables" if you answer the question correctly. you can win four tickets. daily deals. here are some of my favorites on this tuesday. a way to undo the damage you're going to do at the thanksgiving table. you know what i'm talking about. gilt city is offering the jewel body cleanse. these are raw and cooked organic meals and juices delivered right to your door to help you drop some pounds. there are two programs available. $105 and $159. that will save you 40% off. leers a holiday gift idea for the chef in your life. amazon is selling a ten-piece stainless steel quisart -- cuisinart cookware set for
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$132.99, 67 off and shipping for free. google offers has this deal. pay $20 and get $40 to spend on personalized ornaments, stockings and gifts. this is good through personalization mall. if you are a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. a check of the news before you go is next. you're watching 9news now.
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welcome back. 6:53. your weather first. still damp. maybe not as wets as it was a -- as wet as it was a couple of hours ago. we have some showers left before some sun this afternoon and we'll slowly get back to 52 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 49. andrea? >> thank you, howard.
6:54 am
it's growing. the petraeus fallout has now hit general john allen. the top american commander in afghanistan. general allen is said to have been in questionable contact with jill kelley. kelley is the woman who received threatening e-mails from paula broadwell and broadwell is the woman who had an extramarital affair with former c.i.a. director petraeus. d.c. fire chief is going to address the department's rank and file today about reports of changing how many medical units are going to be on duty from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. he told 9news last night he believes the department is at full strength with paramedics. he's trying to save some money. our time is #:54. >> one -- is 6:54. >> one final check of traffic and weather and a little dancing when we come back.
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6:57. showers around for a few more hours. sun this afternoon. chilly, 52. we stay cool the rest of the week. maybe sunday and monday could have a coastal bringing chilly rain to the area. lots of slow traffic and luckily no major incidents right now. we'll start with the 14th street bridge on the northbound side. the accident eastbound freeway cleared. now a quick look live at southbound 270. pretty much what it looks like right on down the line this morning. this is going to pick up our spirits. diwali, everybody. >> thanks for watching. cbs this morning is next talking about you know what. >> we've got food, dancers.
6:59 am
great job, guys. >> they can shake their hips better than me. ♪ happy diwali, everybody. >> bye-bye.


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